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Bicycles are for life!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

Enjoy the following videos on cycling safety:

Remember to ride safely! 
On your bike and through your life!

Another time out...

After all this time without posting I finally have the time to write... the bad news are the fact that I only have time because I can not ride.

I felt while passing through a ditch and hit the ground hard with my chest. After a while I started feeling pain every time I breath or did some movement and so I suspected of a broken rib.
X-rays and all but thankfully no fracture was found:

Paulo "Amarelo" Domingues wins the Lisboa Downtown 2010

That´s right, Amarelo made history for Portugal! Even though the bad weather and the poor wet conditions the race went through with no major injuries on the slippery track.

It was the first time a Portuguese rider wins this event! Congratulations Paulo :)

New MDEbikes advertising campaign

Checkout the new MDE bikes advert:

This is the new MDE Player - specific for Freeride and Slop style.