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It is almost done!

That´s right, my new frame is ready for finishing. Thanks to Giuseppe`s photo I can now dream with my new frame LOL.

It´s great to see my new baby being held by the skillful hands who made "her", thank you so much Federico! I can not wait to have "her" here ready for assembling and be able to start riding her through all those trails which she will love so much.

I don´t know if it´s because it´s Christmas time but I really feel like a child again, waiting for that special toy that seems like will never arrive LOL. This year my Santa Claus is from Torino, Italy. And for the first time I know where He lives: MDE General Headquarters.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a 2009 that will bring everything you want!

Have fun!

Back on wheels!

After more than a year after my last mountain bike vacations to the French Alps where I broke both wrists I am back on the trails again :)

I have been training myself to be able to do almost all those things I used to do with my mountain bikes but most of all to feel happy and alive doing one of the things I like the most: riding bicycles!

After a couple months of trainings I am already able to ride 60/80km before my wrists start complaining. The worst thing is I can not grab the handlebar as I did before and that is a big problem when I want to ride standing up to relieve the end of my back :D

For that reason I decided to buy a full suspended frame which will make my rides a lot more comfortable and safe. Here is the one I chose - MDEbikes Carver i-Link `09:

As to the color I will leave you thinking about it and then I will show the finished frame in one of my next posts ;).

Have fun!

Bicycle Trailers

For those who are curious about the bicycle trailer on this blog starting photo I decided to reveal all about it. On the left you can see my MDE Slider XC with the ExtraWheel trailer attached to it.

That bike trailer it is an ExtraWheel and it is the world´s lightest one wheel bicycle trailer available. I have been using it for some time and I can only say it was the best invention after the wheel!

Wait, how can people think that the wheel was the biggest invention ever!? Of course it was the ExtraWheel!

If you make long jorneys on your bike you should consider buying a bicycle trailer. You will never again have back pains from carrying a backpack or feeling your bike overloaded with those panniers over your bicycle wheels.

Find out some of the less known Italian Mountain bikes

There are Italian bicycles brands that almost everyone knows, some of them because they are around for more than a century others because they present some of the most attractive designs and technological innovations. We can talk about Bianchi, Sintesi or even Carraro and we will only find topnotch products with very high quality standards.

But this is also true if we talk about more recent Italian brands like Passoni, Scapin, Paduano or even MDE bikes which is already born in the 21st century and offers very high quality, custom hand made, mountain bike frames.

Trip to the Alps - July 2007

Preparing to leave...

"Feeding" the truck.


We finally got there!

Time for a little rest.

She was loving it...

She was needing a bath.

Finally she had her bath!