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Back on wheels!

After more than a year after my last mountain bike vacations to the French Alps where I broke both wrists I am back on the trails again :)

I have been training myself to be able to do almost all those things I used to do with my mountain bikes but most of all to feel happy and alive doing one of the things I like the most: riding bicycles!

After a couple months of trainings I am already able to ride 60/80km before my wrists start complaining. The worst thing is I can not grab the handlebar as I did before and that is a big problem when I want to ride standing up to relieve the end of my back :D

For that reason I decided to buy a full suspended frame which will make my rides a lot more comfortable and safe. Here is the one I chose - MDEbikes Carver i-Link `09:

As to the color I will leave you thinking about it and then I will show the finished frame in one of my next posts ;).

Have fun!

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