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Bicycles are for life!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

Enjoy the following videos on cycling safety:

Remember to ride safely! 
On your bike and through your life!

Another time out...

After all this time without posting I finally have the time to write... the bad news are the fact that I only have time because I can not ride.

I felt while passing through a ditch and hit the ground hard with my chest. After a while I started feeling pain every time I breath or did some movement and so I suspected of a broken rib.
X-rays and all but thankfully no fracture was found:

Paulo "Amarelo" Domingues wins the Lisboa Downtown 2010

That´s right, Amarelo made history for Portugal! Even though the bad weather and the poor wet conditions the race went through with no major injuries on the slippery track.

It was the first time a Portuguese rider wins this event! Congratulations Paulo :)

New MDEbikes advertising campaign

Checkout the new MDE bikes advert:

This is the new MDE Player - specific for Freeride and Slop style.

Brand New MDEbikes website

That´s right, my favorite Mountain Bikes builder has a new website and I can assure you it´s really great.

New MDEbikes website

MDE bikes has renewed its site once more and this time they also presented some more frame models.

Beside the aesthetic factors what drew my attention were the new frames, specially the new Cudgel (XC) with the i-Link rear suspension system and the new Carver with a new and more logical rear shox position allowing the use of a bottle cage (which it wasn´t possible on the previous design of this frame).

Great work guys, congratulations for your new site!

Time out...

I have not been riding lately because I went through another surgery, this time to my left wrist. That is the main reason of all this time without posting here.

It is true I made several very good rides before the surgery but time was too short and I didn´t managed to find the time to write :(

During the last three weeks I had the time but I didn´t want to think about bikes...
I believe I´ll be able to start riding again next January... not sure though. Until then it is not likely that I will post again.

I can not wait for the day I get on a bicycle again... my legs just keep asking me to take them for a big ride but I don´t like spinning for long times so it´s expectable that I will lose some of my physical condition :(

See you all soon on some trail somewhere ;)

Why can´t we live life in slow motion!?

Sometimes I feel like time is never enough... why? Why can´t we live our lives in slow motion!?

Things would be much easier, tasks would never be postponed and we would have time to keep our blog posts updated... eheheheheh

Last month has been full of work but fortunately also great rides. After buying the Garmin Edge 705 HR I started to play with it and enjoying all the info it gives me.

The first experience was made during a ride from Setúbal to Alcácer do Sal (67km) in the company of my good friend João. This journey was the second stage of the VPBTT (Portugal Crossing on Mountain Bike) and I hope to finish all the stages I missed before the entire crossing gets to an end.

Next weekend I went to a meeting of friends who met each other through a MTB forum ( and because it would be a short ride on Sunday I decided to ride from home on Saturday (101km). As I needed to stay overnight I had to carried all my stuffs on my new bicycle trailer.

On Sunday we had a great time riding through very nice trails and amazing views.

Last weekend I went to ride on the highest mountain in Portugal - Serra da Estrela - and even though I am not a big fan of road rides I must admit that climbing till the 2000m among good friends made it a wonderful experience. We rode 100km (Total climb: 1,385 m [4,544 ft]) on Saturday and 50km (Total climb: 1,687 m [5,535 ft]) on Sunday. The big difference was due to the fact that it was on Sunday that we climb to the highest point - Torre.

Saturday ride: Covilhã-Manteigas-Belmonte-Covilhã.

Sunday ride: Covilhã-Torre-Covilhã.

Life in Slow Motion (YouTube video)

It´s great to look behind and see everything in slow motion... so many good memories shared with good friends. What else can we ask for!?