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It is finally here! My new MDEbikes Carver frame

As I have told you earlier
I was expecting the arrival of my brand new full suspension mountain bike frame. And after a torturous wait it finally arrived yesterday!!!

Can you feel my excitement!?

Before I present it here I must warn everybody to put sunglasses on because it will become brighter and shiny in this post. You know how stars can shine, don`t you?

Are you ready!?

My brand new "shining" Carver frame

I tried to photograph it from different angles with and without flash but nothing worked... It really shines LOL.

I already started to assembling it but that will be subject for another post soon ;)


Jorgex said...

PVP, Maestro,...? And where is "The" Revelation 426?

By the way, I'm enjoing my Canyon with Horst-Link Rocker for AM, Road, and XC.

Funride said...

Hi Jorgex, it isn´t either in fact it is i-Link. But of course it has some similitudes with the IronWorse system even though it is different ;)

As to the Revelation... oh well, you`ll have to wait for its revelation on one of the next posts lol.

No doubt your bike it is also very versatile and an excellent choice ;)

Jorgex said...

I was going to buy a Kona with it's 4-Bar but after using Horst-Link, I'm convinced: less bob and almost no rear brake interference in the rear suspension.

Aerrox said...

Wowoweee!!! I guess I'm love too ^^