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It is finally here! My new MDEbikes Carver frame

As I have told you earlier
I was expecting the arrival of my brand new full suspension mountain bike frame. And after a torturous wait it finally arrived yesterday!!!

Can you feel my excitement!?

Before I present it here I must warn everybody to put sunglasses on because it will become brighter and shiny in this post. You know how stars can shine, don`t you?

Are you ready!?

My brand new "shining" Carver frame

I tried to photograph it from different angles with and without flash but nothing worked... It really shines LOL.

I already started to assembling it but that will be subject for another post soon ;)

My skin has never been so smooth...

That is right, after two "muddy" week-ends I am sure both my skin and my bike have never been smoother LOL. I must admit I am starting to think if I should wait for better weather before going back on the trails again. Too many expenses with maintenance are making me consider the possibility of staying home and pedal on the spinning bike only.

This was before last Saturday night ride under a big storm. As you can all imagine I have not taken any photos myself. Check out more pictures HERE.

I have rode more than 100km (60 miles) during the last couple weekends and most of them on very muddy conditions. My bike`s transmission is starting to cry for help and I will have to change the brake pads after less than 500km...

Photo by Jorgex, I am the one with the bright orange jacket in the middle of the peloton.

I love mountain biking but I will try to stay on the roads as much I can during this next rainy weeks. At least my bicycle will thank me, that`s for sure.