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Why can´t we live life in slow motion!?

Sometimes I feel like time is never enough... why? Why can´t we live our lives in slow motion!?

Things would be much easier, tasks would never be postponed and we would have time to keep our blog posts updated... eheheheheh

Last month has been full of work but fortunately also great rides. After buying the Garmin Edge 705 HR I started to play with it and enjoying all the info it gives me.

The first experience was made during a ride from Setúbal to Alcácer do Sal (67km) in the company of my good friend João. This journey was the second stage of the VPBTT (Portugal Crossing on Mountain Bike) and I hope to finish all the stages I missed before the entire crossing gets to an end.

Next weekend I went to a meeting of friends who met each other through a MTB forum ( and because it would be a short ride on Sunday I decided to ride from home on Saturday (101km). As I needed to stay overnight I had to carried all my stuffs on my new bicycle trailer.

On Sunday we had a great time riding through very nice trails and amazing views.

Last weekend I went to ride on the highest mountain in Portugal - Serra da Estrela - and even though I am not a big fan of road rides I must admit that climbing till the 2000m among good friends made it a wonderful experience. We rode 100km (Total climb: 1,385 m [4,544 ft]) on Saturday and 50km (Total climb: 1,687 m [5,535 ft]) on Sunday. The big difference was due to the fact that it was on Sunday that we climb to the highest point - Torre.

Saturday ride: Covilhã-Manteigas-Belmonte-Covilhã.

Sunday ride: Covilhã-Torre-Covilhã.

Life in Slow Motion (YouTube video)

It´s great to look behind and see everything in slow motion... so many good memories shared with good friends. What else can we ask for!?


Varun Gupta said...


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Dr. Surendra Singh said...

Hi friend
i am really impress in ur work i love bikes. great job done by u, best wishes.

Dr. Surendra