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Saturday ride

I woke up yesterday and immediately felt the urge to ride all day. I began by warming up doing a little road to get to the beach and breath some of that marvelous ocean air while standing there watching the waves hitting the sand (Sorry, I forgot I had the camera).

After that refreshing moment I pointed to the trails and ride 20km until getting to Óbidos village where I went uphill to the castle. I never go to Óbidos without drinking at least one "Ginginha de Óbidos", this time I had two lol.

Photo by yudis_asnar

Now that I had warmed my guts was time to get on the trails again and this time I went around Óbidos Lagoon (I live on the other side) riding on the new eco-trails that go around the entire lagoon.

I decided to lunch at home and return to the trails just after eating. At this point I found my friend "Rafa" who was finishing his lunch and he decided that he also wanted to ride that afternoon so back on the trails we went. But this time we took a bottle of red wine to keep us hydrated lol.

But it did not take long before we had to stop because of a flat tire (I believe he did it on purpose). Thankfully I had spare tubes and he managed to change it or else we would have to walk his bike home lol.

At this moment and because there was not much time before sunset we headed home with a almost empty bottle.

In the end I have made 55km and drank two Ginginhas and almost half bottle of red wine (good one by the way).

Another great day having fun riding my MDE Slider!

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