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I Love "Revenges"!

That´s right, while waiting for my new full suspension frame to arrive I decided to join a group of friends (more than 30) who were going to revenge the fact that one of them did not reach the end of one of the latest mountain bike rides they had made. The challenge was to ride more than 100km (60miles) on trails between Casa Branca and Pinhal Novo (Portugal).

Even though it was a bit cold that morning everybody was happy and anxious to get started. We decided that it was best if we all left our cars at Pinhal Novo and take the train to Casa Branca. All the bikes were carried by an open truck.

This was my first long mountain bike ride since 2007 when I broke both wrists and so I have to admit I was a bit nervous.

But that did not last long because as soon as we started riding I felt great and I didn`t even want to stop (it was really cold LOL, there was even some ice on the trails).

We arrived at Vendas Novas at midday and we had a real banquet with a delicious fish soup followed by meat/bread/wine, and in the end we even got a big birthday cake!

After such a great lunch we had to be strong enough to get on our bicycles again and finish what we had started.

For me, dancing was the only way to warm myself before restart riding LOL.

In the end my cycle-computer showed me 114km (I rode back several times to keep from freezing while waiting for the slower group LOL).

And for ending a great day nothing better than drink some beers and eat something surrounded by friends ;).

If you wish you can check out more photos of this day at

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